With the days getting shorter, schools in full session and fewer sunny days, it’s undeniable that fall has arrived. Just like any other season, there are ways to stage your home that will help buyers love your house and put in an offer. Here are some of the top tricks to selling your home this fall, without a huge investment:

1. Capitalize on curb appeal

Fall is gorgeous and the changing leaves add stunning natural beauty to any property–until they hit the ground. Ensure that you’re raking up fallen leaves and keeping your lawn in tip-top shape. The exterior of your home will also become more noticeable, which means it’s extra important to repair damaged siding and keep the walls clean. Stay on top of all fall maintenance and potential buyers are more likely to believe you’ve always taken great care of the place.

2. Create a cozy living space

Think of your favourite fall scents, like warm cinnamon, pumpkin pie and apple cider. Now bring those into your home, along with as much light as possible. Open the blinds, turn on the lamps and make your fireplace a centre point for the room. Also keep the place comfortably warm. Finally, decorate with beautiful fall accent pieces like burnt orange throw pillows, fluffy blankets and fall wreaths.

3. Update your listing photos

The last thing you want is to remind buyers how long your house has been on the market, and fall is one of the most obvious seasons to photograph. Update your listing photos with new snapshots to ensure that bright green deciduous trees and spring flowers don’t give you away.

4. Hire a real estate pro!

A good real estate agent is going to help you sell your home, regardless of the market. Pricing your home properly is especially important in the fall, when home buyers tend to be looking for a great deal. The right price can draw in multiple offers, potentially raising the final sale price.

We would love to help you sell your home in the Calgary area and we also know great agents in other regions. Contact us today for more tips on getting your home ready for sale this fall!