Okotoks is a vibrant, young, and rapidly growing community just south of the City of Calgary. Okotoks homes fuse small town charm with modern style, resulting in a picturesque Canadian lifestyle with stunning views of mountains, forests, and prairie landscapes.

Okotoks homeowners have access to a full-range of community services to support and nourish individual and family growth. These include community programs, health and wellness centres, libraries, pools, arenas, and dozens of parks and open spaces. Okotoks also promotes a strong arts and culture scene and is home to a museum, art gallery and theatre. With a tight-knit community of social people, there is always something going on in Okotoks.


Okotoks houses are consistently in the Alberta spotlight as some of the newest and most innovative homes in the province. Okotoks’ properties come in a variety of forms, including single-family homes, townhouses, lots, villas and estates. The majority of Okotoks homes have been built recently and include modern amenities and attractive architecture.

As a newer city, Okotoks has a strong drive for sustainability and has implemented measures to ensure the community’s longevity. These include recycling, compost and waste disposal, sustainability initiatives, and proper community planning.

Okotoks is also home to the Drake Landing Solar Community, a master-planned neighbourhood that is globally unprecedented in its use of solar energy to fulfill over 80% of the homes’ space heating requirements. This solar community has put Okotoks real estate on the map as a leader in eco-friendly living and ingenuity.

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An iconic Okotoks attraction is a self-guided visit to Okotoks Erratic, “The Big Rock” that was moved by glaciers and is thought to be the Okotoks namesake. In addition to “The Big Rock,” many residents enjoy apiary tours at the Chinook Honey Company, visiting the Altitude Art Gallery, and relaxing by the Sheep River. Residents of Okotoks also enjoy volunteering, social activities, and meet-up groups.

Nearby, Calgary opens a wealth of additional opportunities to ensure that Okotoks residents are always having fun and loving life.

Okotoks is a great place to live and raise a family. We’d be happy to provide you with more information on Okotoks homes and houses if you contact us today!