As a leader of technology and innovation, Calgary knows how to build impressive real estate. That’s why it comes as little surprise that our city is also a leader in building the best neighbourhoods. Calgary master planned communities are beautiful, convenient and comfortable—providing you with the modern lifestyle you crave.

What is a master-planned community?

A master-planned community is a neighbourhood that goes beyond the traditional residential neighbourhood, often including enhanced amenities like local schools, commercial centres, shopping plaza and recreational facilities. A master planned community will ensure that all members of the community have convenient access to these neighbourhood enhancements.

Why are master planned communities important for Calgary?

In a city like Calgary, where population numbers continue, having well-planned communities is an absolute must. It ensures that we are able to sustain the entire city’s growth and maintain a high quality of life for all residents. Master planned communities also provide amenities to neighbourhoods beyond the urban core, preventing resources from being isolated to only the downtown district.

Where do I find master planned communities in Calgary?

Master planned communities can be found in every quadrant of Calgary, and are especially prominent in the city’s newest areas of development (like SE Calgary). The further you get from the downtown core, the more likely you are to find yourself in one of Calgary’s master planned community. Urban planning wasn’t as precise when Calgary was first founded, which means many of the most established inner city neighbourhoods lack this sophisticated planning.

What are some of Calgary’s best master planned communities?

This depends a lot on personal preference! Many master planned communities are built with a specific vision, providing a unique lifestyle opportunity for local residents. For example, Calgarians who crave the lakeside lifestyle will find themselves at home in Lake Bonavista, Midnapore or Sundance. For something truly unique and luxurious, check out the inner city’s boutique townhome community in Bridgeland.

While there are a lot of great master planned communities in Calgary, there are a few that consistently receive top reviews from residents: Lake Bonavista, McKenzie Towne, Edgemont, Cranston and New Brighton.

Your own personal needs will determine which of Clagary’s master planned communities is best for you. We invite you to give us a call at 403-212-4920 to talk about your real estate needs & determine the right community for you!