Located within Ogden, Banting And Best School is a fantastic primary educational institution. The school is committed to nurturing early literacy, providing young students with daily reading and numeracy development. Banting And Best has relatively small class sizes and flexible learning groups, ensuring every student receives the attention and support required for their unique needs. Banting And Best shares a campus with Sherwood School, giving students more resources and a larger student community.


Sherwood School is conveniently located within Ogden, across the parking lot from Banting And Best School. The school follows a campus concept, where shared amenities and resources make the learning community stronger. Three gymnasiums, sports fields, and an art room are among the school’s shared amenities. Music and art, athletics, technology, and academics are all strongly supported and encouraged with on-site resources, allowing Sherwood students to explore many fields of study. Intramurals, student leadership initiatives, and evening activities enhance the Sherwood learning community even further, resulting in well-rounded and engaged students.


Located in the North Glenmore community, Central Memorial is one of two high schools that serves the students of Ogden and Lynnwood Ridge. The school focuses on student-centred learning, giving each individual the opportunity to learn and thrive. Academics, athletics, and elective courses are part of Central Memorial, where students are encouraged to explore their talents and develop passions to carry beyond high school. Central Memorial features a cutting-edge CTS program and personalized vocational programs that serve as an introduction to lifelong career opportunities.


Western Canada High School is a multilingual school, featuring both a French immersion and Spanish bilingual education option. The school offers a variety of Honours programs, and provides students with the opportunity to earn an International Baccalaureate, which counts as credit toward university courses. An extensive collection of fine arts classes, numerous student clubs, and numerous championship athletics programs provide Western Canada students with ample opportunity to pursue their passions and thrive.


French Immersion

Sam Livingston (K–4), Fairview (5–9). Dr. E.P. Scarlett (10–12)

Additional French immersion program options in the Catholic school section below.


Lake Bonavista (K–6)

Spanish Bilingual

Canyon Meadows (K–4), Robert Warren (5–9), Dr. E.P. Scarlett (10), William Aberhart (11–12)

Traditional Learning Centre

Le Roi Daniels (K–4), Fairview (5–8), Henry Wise Wood (9–12)

Catholic/Separate — English Only

St. Bernadette (K–6), St. Augustine (K–9), Bishop Grandin (10–12)

Catholic/Separate — French Immersion

St. Cecilia (K–6), St. Matthew (K–9)