Two primary styles of real estate can be found in Ogden and Lynnwood Ridge: bungalows and 2-storey homes. Each style was built in a different era of development for the region, and offer unique benefits.


Homes in Ogden and Lynnwood Ridge are part of a well-established community with real estate that has been developed through several decades. Real estate opportunities in these neighbourhoods are unique with a medley of options available. The majority of homes are bungalow-style dwellings, built as single-family residences in the 1950s. These bungalows have wonderful character and boast one-of-a-kind architectural details that are no longer seen in the modern “cookie-cutter” style of homes.


2-storey homes have been built in Ogden and Lynnwood, some of which boast a townhouse or bi-level style property. These are a great option for those looking for in-house suites or rental investment spaces. The majority of these properties were built in the 1970s when Ogden went through its second wave of residential development. While not always the case, these townhouses tend to be less expensive than Ogden’s single-family homes.


Although much rarer to find on the market, the occasional condo can be found in Ogden. These living solutions offer easy, low-maintenance property, and are often highly affordable. This makes them an excellent choice for small, budget-savvy families and first-time buyers. The majority of apartment-style homes in Ogden are sold as entire investment buildings, then rented out as individual units.