Copperfield has been well-designed to ensure a wide range of living solutions and home options are available for home buyers to choose from. Ranging from no-maintenance condos to full-sized single family homes, it’s easy to find a Copperfield home that will suit your unique lifestyle. Learn more about the various home options below or call us at 403-968-1496 to schedule a tour.


Indulge in low-maintenance living with Copperfield’s stylish and affordable condos. These condos are ideal for first-time buyers, singles, and working professionals who want a beautiful home with zero effort. Best of all, these highly affordable homes can be easily integrated into nearly every budget.


For those who want space, storage, and style, look no further than townhouses in Copperfield. These gorgeous living spaces come in four distinct options, combining a maintenance-free lifestyle with fully-sized living spaces. An affordable price tag makes this an excellent opportunity for growing families and first-time buyers, though a wide variety of people will love living in Copperfield’s townhouses.


Forget everything you know about laned homes, and indulge in a new experience with the laned homes of Copperfield. These homes are simultaneously cozy and spacious, providing a comfortable and stylish living for families of all shapes and sizes. Adorable front porches create an inviting entrance, while the interior floor plans are unique and well-planned. Best of all, Copperfield’s laned homes offer fantastic value for their affordable price-points.


The most notable feature of Copperfield’s luxurious home option is the front-attached garages, which enhance the real estate’s convenience. These walk-out lots feature spacious, custom-built houses, perfect for modern family living. Unique and stylish, Copperfield’s front-garage homes have been designed and built by some of the best names in the city.

The Calgary Real Estate Advantage team will be happy to show you around Copperfield’s various homes for sale and let you know about other similar communities in the city. Contact us online or call 403-968-1496 to get started today!