We’ll always guide you and help you find the best possible real estate opportunities. However, we know that the more you know, the better your decisions will be. For that reason, here are 5 fantastic tips for buying Calgary real estate:

1. Start Reading
There are dozens of great resources with local real estate information, like the Calgary Herald, Avenue magazine, our website and this blog. By absorbing as much information as possible and reading everything you can about the local real estate market, you’ll start to get a better idea of what’s out there. You’ll get a better idea of what neighbourhoods you like, what style of home you want to live in and gain the confidence needed to make informed decisions.

2. Find Your Location
Location is everything. It has a huge impact on your recreational activities, social life and lifestyle, especially in Calgary. Honestly reflecting on where you are in life and then choosing a community that will reflect that is a crucial part of being happy with your purchase. It will also help you filter MLS listings and focus your energy on the best neighbourhoods for you. Do your research and then visit every area you’re considering, to see what will work best for your everyday life.

3. Budget Comfortably
Just because you can afford a home in the top tier of your financing, doesn’t mean you want to. Disposable income is a major contributing factor to overall happiness, especially in Calgary where a huge part of our culture is dedicated to shopping and dining. If your monthly entertainment budget is currently $400, you probably won’t be happy cutting that down to $50. Too many home owners stretch their resources thin for what they think is a dream home, only to later resent their choice because of the financial stress. You might not mind staying home every night for the first month, but do you really want to be in the same position a year from now? When budgeting, make sure your choices are realistic and that you’re prepared to live with that budget for at least 5 years.

4. Know Your 5-Year Plan
People get nervous when trying to plan their future because there’s always a lot of unforeseen changes. You don’t need to map every detail of your life and decide your fate right this second, but it’s important to honestly reflect on your 5-year goals. Do you plan to get married? Have kids? Are you returning to school? Is your relationship stable? Do you even want to live in Calgary? These types of questions are important. Having a general idea of what you hope to accomplish will help you purchase real estate that will work for your needs over the next few years.

5. Talk to a Real Estate Agent
We’d love this to be us but it doesn’t have to be. Make sure you’re talking to the professionals who live and breathe this market because we’re the experts. From the best neighbourhoods to the greatest return-on-investment opportunities, real estate agents are in the know and we can help you make smart choices. You’re always welcome to contact us online or call us at 403-212-4920 to learn more.

The main thing to remember with purchasing Calgary real estate is that this one time decision will affect every day of your life. Being prepared with community information, realistic expectations and honest goals will help you make the right choice and be happy with your new Calgary home for years to come.