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Chestermere homes have the relaxing vibe of a lakeside town and the excitement of a dynamic, recreational community. Many Chestermere residents commute to Calgary, although the town itself has a strong economy and full-range of shops and services. Chestermere Lake, the most prominent feature of Chestermere, attracts boaters, windsurfers, sports fishers, and swimmers.

Chestermere homeowners will find no shortage of entertainment, as the town hosts several fields, arenas, curling rinks, parks, pathways, and entertainment venues. Also, Chestermere is home to an 18-hole Championship golf course with a pro shop, driving range and clubhouse, which hosts visitors from around the world.


Chestermere real estate varies from condos and townhouses to single-family homes, offering an array of opportunity to meet anyone’s needs. With gorgeous architecture in both new and remodelled homes, Chestermere real estate is some of the best in the world.

Chestermere residents have been working together to build a healthy community that values having fun while getting involved. There are lots of clubs, library classes, teams, programs and volunteer opportunities to help residents make new friends in no time. Part of Chestermere’s charm is its engagement with community members, and every citizen is welcome to join in.

Annual events in Chestermere gather homeowners for additional fun and festivities. Winterfest, Canada Day, Water Festival, and Art and Culture Days are just some of the annual festivals that unite the community and encourage those with Chestermere real estate to have a great time.

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